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Viewing - Fridays 10am - 12noon and from 45 minutes prior to all performances

1st Sept to 6th Oct 2019

Kath Lockhart

Kath was a teacher of art and design at secondary level. A job she loved and did for thirty years until retirement in 2013. She now spends a great deal of time print making.

When printmaking, her need to draw is satisfied through the creation of form and texture as a surface is carved into, scratched or engraved; when a relief is built to make a collagraph; when an image is transferred as a screen print, building up layer after layer.

Colour has played a major role in some of her prints; others require the simplicity of black and white. However, print making offers one more thing once this is complete. It offers the anticipation, and the moment of surprise, when the paper is lifted, offering endless new possibilities.

11th Oct – 9th Nov 2019

Aimee Green

Aimee Green, founder of Giddy Art, has travelled extensively and now lives in the Lake District. Her travels have inspired and influenced her art. Aimee studied Graphic Design and has a BA (Hons).

Aimee favours large abstract pieces using vibrant colours and detailed textures to create conceptual art, drawing inspiration from experiences in her life and the Lake District landscape.  Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions London, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria. She has corporate and private clients throughout the UK.

15th Nov – 21st Dec 2019

Ellie Moore

Storytelling, history and biology are the core interests fuelling my work. I’m attracted to intricate structures, and subjects that suggest a hidden narrative; they range from vast landscape views to quiet still life studies and anatomical sketches.

Much of my painting stems from hiking and is as much about the areas I haven’t explored – the valleys in the distance, or the cave on the far shore – as it is about the landscape I see up close. I paint the aspects of a place that seem to hold stories and a dash of mystery, as well as intricate close-up views of natural structures. I’m particularly interested in traces of historic and Prehistoric people, in the remains of their structures or the enduring aspects of the landscape they inhabited.

I work mainly from photographs, and the process of rendering the subject in paint is a kind of exploration of it, and often leads me down research rabbit holes about the object or area and its stories.

I paint in miniature as well as life-sized and in-between, depending on what I want to draw out of the subject. I enjoy pouring a vast landscape into a painting the size of a playing card, but also enjoy bringing a life-sized illusion to a wall in a trompe-l’oeil painting.

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