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17th/18th September
last balade

The Last Ballade

In the year of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Frederic Chopin, portraying the end of a momentous period of the composer's life in this drama in which the F minor Ballade, is played live as part of the action, a musical echo of the real life 'ballade' of his final break with his great love and muse the novelist and 'femme fatale' George Sand. Set to the background of some of his most profound music
Michael Lunts
1st/2nd October
ill met by moonlight

Ill Met by Moonlight

Set not so long ago, when country people still believed in fairie-folk, a descendant of Puck roams the countryside causing mayhem and madness. By his shape changing interference he attempts to thwart the course of true love between two country folk. The results of his malicious meddling are often hilarious and sometimes tragic. Will he be triumphant or will true love shine through?
Hijinx Theatre Company
22nd/23rd October
gift future

Gift to the Future - SHAKESPEARE UNBOUND

John Heminges the man responsible for the printing of Shakespeare's First Folio in 1623, without which at least 18 of the greatest plays ever written would have been lost, returns home and starts to reminisce about his long acquaintance with "Young Will". Also evoking the future generations, who appear in front of him, he shares their times together, their escapades and how the plays came to be written
29th October
five star swing band

Five Star Swing Band

Multi-instrumentalists and singers lead by Chris Smith, a former composer for Glenn Miller's brother - Herb, BBC Big Band and the Royal Variety Performance, with Special Guest Simone, from the latter days of the Ivy Benson Orchestra, bring an exciting evening of hits you'll know and love from the swing era from Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller through to foot stomping Jools Holland style jazz.
7th November
at 2.00pm


Jambrass, comprising two trumpets and two trombones, are currently in their third year of undergraduate study at the RNCM. Formed in September 2008, in March 2009 the group participated in the Philip Jones Brass Competition at the college achieving a high mark. In a recent tour of Cathedrals, they played in Glasgow, Bristol, Wells, Sheffield and Carlisle with Gloucester and Chichester still to come.
Royal Northern College of Music Series
12/13th November
I take your hand in mine

I Take Your Hand in Mine - by Carol Rocamora

2010 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Russian playwright Anton Chekov, who wrote 412 letters to Olga Knipper and she as many to him, during their short six year relationship before he died at the age of 44. The remnants of these letters are woven into this rich and passionate play of love, longing, rapture and despair, whilst also giving us a glimpse into the creative minds of the great Moscow Arts Theatre
LynchPin Productions Theatre Company
26th November
mostly opera

Mostly Opera

Classical, romantic and light opera with the Cumbria based group Encore. Formed in 1992, gaining a reputation for varied programmes, encompassing the works of Mozart, Verdi, Handel, Bizet, Donizetti and Johann Strauss, this evening will also include excerpts of Gilbert & Sullivan. Beautiful and memorable music is ensured in a selection of popular and uplifting song from this multi talented group.
Encore Opera

Encore Opera - Website

10/11th December
edwardian cello

The Edwardian Cello

A recreation of a typical musical evening from 1912, especially adapted for the Christmas Season. The Titanic has recently sunk on her maiden voyage and you are invited to join our Music Society, which is hosting a concert in aid of the Relief Fund. With the Suffragettes making their voices heard throughout the land how appropriate, if still a little daring, to have a female cellist presenting the programme!
Melanie Dennerly
17th December

Christmas Crackers - Members Event

Book now for this members' event and bring a friend - Bill Seville has devised a programme of Christmas fun, including songs and stories, presented by nine of our members - accompanied by David Franklin, with well-known Christmas items for all to join in. After the show - coffee and mince pies!
21st January
dickins ghosts

Dickens' Ghosts

Paul Lehman brings together two of the very best ghost stories from that master of storytelling, Charles Dickens.
"The Story Of The Bagman's Uncle" is a 'tales within a tale' from his first novel, 'The Pickwick Papers', the story of a travelling salesman who takes a mysterious ride on a ghostly mail coach.
In another of his best known stories "The Signalman" keeps his lonely vigil at the mouth of a remote railway tunnel. One evening, a curious visitor draws from him a tale of foreboding.
Footloose Theatre
4th/5th February

Austen's Women

Jane Austen created some of literature's most celebrated characters, defining her era, sex and class. 200 years on, her works continue to speak for the yearning heart as much as they did when written - so just how much has really changed for women since? In a performance of extraordinary virtuosity - using only Austen's words - Rebecca Vaughan answers this question by boldly revisiting rewarding moments from all six of her major novels.
Dyad Productions
13th February

The Astrum Guitar Duo

Martin Bickerton plays a seven string guitar by the English luthier Stephen Hill and Amy Perry a 2007 Greg Smallman instrument. They perform a wide-ranging repertoire of music from the renaissance to the present day, in a broad range of styles. They currently study with Craig Ogden and Gordon Crosskey.
Royal Northern College of Music
18th/19th February

Fumed Oak & Last Tango in Little Grimley!

This local award winning group, directed by Mike Cooper, present two contrasting one-act comedies.
'Fumed Oak' by Noel Coward, which is subtitled 'An Unpleasant Comedy' in which Coward mixes family wrangling with his usual comic touches.
'Last Tango in Little Grimley' by David Tristram is more of a farce, as an amateur dramatic group, facing closure, hit on a formula guaranteed to bring the audiences back.
Storth Entertainers
4th March

My Darling Clemmie

"My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me," said Winston Churchill. Written by Hugh Whitemore, directed by Gareth Armstrong and performed by Rohan McCullough, 'My Darling Clemmie' is the remarkable, moving and highly entertaining story of the woman who married one of the truly great figures of the 20th century: Sir Winston Churchill.
"The Guardian Angel of our country's guardian." remarked Lord Halifax.
Indigo Entertainments
13th March

A Musical Journey through the Seasons

Formed seven years ago by Charles Edmondson, who accompanies soprano Tracie Penwarden and flautist David Edmonds, this well known local trio have given over fifty concerts in churches and concert halls throughout South Cumbria and North Lancashire.
On this afternoon we shall experience a delightful journey through the seasons, with the second half of the concert incorporating a selection of music by French composers.
La Serenata Trio
25/26th March

Stop Press

Two tales of people and the press by H. E. Bates, dramatised and performed by Graham Padden.
"The Great Opportunity" - in the first-class waiting room at Kettering Station, Bates discovers love and poetry. The joy and pain of teenage passions are recalled in a tale adapted from his autobiography
"Shot Actress - Full Story!" - A watchmaker finds his neighbour dead in her bathroom. A poignant tale of scandal, murder and press hysteria.
Graham Padden
1st April

Dances From Distant Lands

As they have shown before at The Heron, this company offer enjoyable and imaginative Indian dance programmes with their vision to achieve harmony and understanding between people of different cultures through Indian dance.
They aim to introduce the rich artistic and cultural heritage of India through performances of graceful and rhythmic Indian dances and storytelling and are committed to working in the community with people of all ages and abilities.
Annapurna Dance
15th April

Dan Leno - The King's Jester

The greatest Music Hall star of all time, the first stand-up comic, the best-loved pantomime dame and world champion clog dancer, with a strong line in character-based skits, Dan Leno was the comic genius of his age and his work laid the foundations for contemporary British comedy.
With live musical accompaniment, this romp through entertainment history brings the 19th century showman to life in a demonstration of how British comedy has evolved.
Promenade Promotions
6th May

The Key to the Garden

Celebrating the centenary of "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett - which ensured her place in the hearts of generations of readers and contained many echoes of her own experience.
A fascinating, magical and sometimes tragic story of a dedicated and romantic writer, whose astounding talent and energy led her from industrial Lancashire to the highest rank of Washington society and yet who took a lifetime to find peace in her own Secret Garden.
Hunt & Laurence
20th May

Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know!

May's a bit MAD! Hitting 60's not going to stop her having a good time! Matti is BAAD! She's just a child but she'd curdle your rum punch! Mia is glamorous, ageless and maybe a little bit DANGEROUS, TO KNOW!
Matti's been dumped with May for 3 weeks. May likes salsa dancing, Matti likes slugs, they're never going to bond! And Matti thinks May's new best friend, neighbour Mia, looks like a very ...Dangerous Person to Know! May can't see it! Can May and Matti ever find a way to get on? Could discovering Mia's guilty secret bring them together? Or could it all go HORRIBLY WRONG?!!!!
Msfits Theatre Co