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23 September

ORANGES and SUNSHINE   (2010)   [15] - 1 hour 45 mins

Director: Jim Loach
Cast: Hugo Weaving, David Wenham and Emily Watson

Loach's debut is a powerful, deeply moving, understated account of a major social injustice that went unreported for many years and only this past year received an official apology from the two governments involved, those of Great Britain and Australia.
The picture is seen almost entirely from the point of view of a Nottingham social worker, Margaret Humphreys (a luminous performance of undemonstrative decency from Emily Watson), who stumbled across the story of 130,000 working-class British children separated from their families and siblings and sent to Australia between the end of the second world war and the early 1970s

"A powerful, admirably restrained, real-life drama" (Film 4)

14 October

WINTER'S BONE   (2010)   [15] - 1 hour 40 mins

Director: Debra Granik
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes and Garret Dillahunt

Jennifer Lawrence, in an outstanding lead performance, portrays Ree Dolly, a resilient 17 year old caring for her two young siblings and a silent depressed mother in the backwoods of rural America. Her absent father has mortgaged the family home. If she does not find him the house will be lost and the family split up. Much of the film is about Ree's harrowing journey in search of her father. It is a quiet, subtlety observed film that immerses us in another culture.

"It eschews hillbilly cliche and creates a moving drama of love and fortitude" (Phillip French - The Observer)

4 November

RICHARD III   (1995)   [15] - 1 hour 44 mins

Director: Richard Loncraine
Cast: Ian McKellen, Annette Bening, Nigel Hawthorne, Maggie Smith and Jim Broadbent

This is an imaginative and visceral Shakespeare adaptation with a mesmerising central performance from Ian McKellan; a seamless, high octane thriller of power and politics. The 1930's setting and fascist imagery is completely convincing and the magnificent sets, brutal costumes and frenetic atmosphere propel the film headlong through Richard's ascent to power. McKellan is superb at portraying the subtle nuances of Richard's complex and fascinating character.

"Even if you hate Shakespeare you will love this" (Film 4)

9 December

THE SOCIAL NETWORK   (2010)   [15] - 2 hours

Director: David Fincher
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake

This compulsively watchable film about the creation of the networking website 'Facebook' is brilliantly written by Aaron Sorkin who also wrote the addictive TV series 'The West Wing', and the dialogue is smart, witty and fast paced.
Jesse Eisenberg is perfectly cast as Mark Zuckerman, the borderline sociopath who was the driving force behind 'Facebook', and who almost accidentally became a billionaire.
The film takes familiar ideas about trust, friendship, ambition, betrayal and greed into fascinating new areas of experience.

"It is one of the most intelligent, pertinent and arresting movies of the past couple of years" (Phillip French - The Observer)

27 January

THE THIRD MAN   (1949)   [PG] - 1hr 44mins

Director: Carol Reed
Cast: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten and Alida Valli

One of the undisputed masterpieces of cinema, this atmospheric thriller boasts iconic performances from Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles and is one of the best loved films of all time. Clever and witty, yet serious, with a satirical edge and a model of shrewd plotting and subtle characterisation.
Made in 1949 and filmed on location in bombed out Vienna, where the rubble strewn cobbled streets and dark alleys create a mysterious and sinister atmosphere.

"A genuine and endlessly rewatchable classic" (Film 4)

17 February

OF GODS AND MEN   In French/Subtitled   [15] - 2hr 2mins

Director: Xavier Beauvois
Cast: Lambert Wilson, Michael Lonsdale and Olivier Rabourdin

A deeply moving and profoundly beautiful film, loosely based on the life of a group of Cistercian monks, kidnapped in 1996 in the mountains of Algeria, as the country erupts into brutal civil war.
Alternately harrowing and humbling and a powerful film about the faith, commitment and courage of their convictions of ordinary men, faced with the most difficult personal and collective decisions. The acting is remarkable and utterly convincing.

"Thrillingly audacious, moving and real" ((Peter Bradshaw - Guardian)

9 March

UP IN THE AIR   (2009)   [PG] - 1hr 49mins

Director: Jason Reitman
Cast: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick

A highly enjoyable film with George Clooney as a thoroughly likeable, amusingly callous character, whose job is to fly around the USA breaking the news to hapless employees that they are being fired. He loves his job and the lack of responsibility, in never being at home, the possibility of random encounters and the perfectly neat and anonymous hotel rooms.
Amiable, genial and sophisticated, Clooney gives one of his best performances.

"A deliciously self-referential treat" (Kevin Maher - The Times)

20 April
jane eyre

JANE EYRE   (2011)   [PG] - 2 hours

Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga
Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell and Sally Hawkins

This is a fiery and passionate adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel and Mia Wasikowska delivers possibly the best portrayal of the title character ever. She conveys all the unspoken desires of a young woman who has survived as much by her wits as her good fortune.
It is elegantly adapted for the screen and condensed into 2 hours of yearning and regret.
Some works of art are inexhaustible and this is proving to be one of them. You still can't beat a good story!

"This Jane Eyre is a good looking film; serious, thought through and well acted" (Phillip French - Observer)

25 May
tinker, tailor, soldier, spy

TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY   (2011)   [15] - 2 hour 7 mins

Director: Tomas Alfredson
Cast: Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Tom Hardy

This marvellously chill adaptation of John Le Carre's cold war thriller features a restrained tour- de- force performance from Gary Oldham, along with a first rate supporting cast.
It is a brilliant study of the disenchantment, compromise and tension of the 1970's spy game and is set in a grey, grimy London. It is superbly atmospheric with great attention to authentic period detail.
It requires close watching but viewers are rewarded with a moody, layered and involving thriller.

"What a film this is, and what an unexpected thrill" (Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian)

29 June

MIDNIGHT in PARIS   (2011)   [12A] - 1 hour 34 mins

Director: Woody Allen
Cast: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates

This is Woody Allen's best film for years and the most commercially successful of his career. It is a nostalgic love letter to a city.
An American goes to Paris in an attempt to finish his first novel and becomes besotted with the city. One night he escapes from his tedious family, accepts a lift in a passing antique cab and by this means is magically transported back to the Jazz Age of the 1920's where he meets all the rich and famous people who resided in Paris at that time.

"Light, assured and utterly charming" (Time Out)

20 July

KIND HEARTS & CORONETS   (1949 - remastered 2011)   [U] - 1 hour 46 mins

Director: Robert Hamer
Cast: Dennis Price, Alec Guinness and Valerie Hobson

The Ealing genre reached utter perfection with this superb sophisticated black comedy made in 1949. It has recently been digitally restored and re-released.
Dennis Price plays the vengeful Louis Mazzini, surely the most elegant serial killer in history. He sets out to murder his way to the ducal title he considers his birthright, from which he has been denied on account of his mother's marriage to a commoner.
All eight members of the clan who stand in his way are marvellously played by Alec Guinness.

"British film making at its best and most memorable" (Film 4)

17 August

THE ARTIST   (2011)   [PG] - 1 hour 40 mins

Director: Michel Hazanavicius
Cast: Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo and John Goodman

This black and white silent film was the surprise hit of 2011 winning both Best Picture and Best Actor (for Jean Dujardin) at the Oscars.
Set in 1927 just at the end of the silent movie era, the story line is hardly radical - the fall of one star and the rise of another - but what really marks this film out as a work of genius is that it is such fun.
It is one of those elusive films that is both funny, smart and seemingly effortless.

"Everything about The Artist comes as close to perfection as I have ever seen" (Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian)